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Mauritania’s Top 10 Exports

Located on Africa’s northwestern coast, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania shipped US$2.2 billion worth of goods around the globe in 2018. That dollar … [Read More...]

Top 10 Exports from Mauritius

An island country in the Indian Ocean near Africa’s southeastern coastline, the Republic of … [Read More...]

Top Fresh Spinach Exports by Country

An iron-rich leafy green vegetable, exports of fresh or chilled spinach totaled US$317.1 million in … [Read More...]

Indonesia’s Top 10 Imports

Indonesia imported US$188.7 billion worth of goods from around the globe in 2018, up by 5.9% since … [Read More...]

Uruguay’s Top 10 Exports

Located in the southeastern part of South America, the Oriental Republic of Uruguay shipped US$7.6 … [Read More...]

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